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• Course Objectives :

 C112.O1 To introduce to student higher order derivatives of various standard functions and Mean Value Theorems.

 C112.O2 To introduce to student the expansion of functions about any point and to evaluate the indeterminate forms of limits.

 C112.O3 To introduce to student rank of matrix, solution of simultaneous equations, Eigen values and Eigen vectors.

 C112.O4 To introduce to student Multivariable differentiation and its applications 

C112.O5 To introduce to student vector differentiation and applications. 

• Course Outcomes : Structure

At the end of this course, 

C112.1 Student can compute higher order derivative of standard functions and verify Mean Value Theorems. 

C112.2 Student can express the power series expansion of a given function and evaluate limits C112.3 Students are able to use matrices techniques for solving system simultaneous linear equations , Eigen values and Eigen vectors of the matrix 

C112.4 Student can evaluate Multi-variable derivatives and can implement to estimate maxima and minima of multi-variable function 

C112.5 Students can compute velocity vector, gradient, divergence, curl and applications.